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About SISC


The Italian Society for the Study of Headaches is a mature scientific society, and over its forty-year history, has expressed cultural views and played a pivotal role in research and education of recognized high scientific level. The health care network supported by SISC widely covers the entire country. It has been and is the incubator for the growth of scientists, accredited and internationally acclaimed, also within the various international scientific societies of the headache field.

The different realities that coexist in the multi-faceted management of headache disorders, are considered a resource and are of equal importance. SISC’s members, over 600, come from the most diverse medical fields, neurology, internal medicine, emergency medicine and emergency, pharmacology, clinical pharmacology, anesthesiology, psychiatry, pediatrics, neuropsychiatry, and gynecology. This apparent cultural difference guarantees all the necessary actors for an optimal management of a multidisciplinary disease like headache.

Health care for headache patients is organized on a national level and classified into four detailed levels of care. There are 124 SISC accredited Headache centers.

The educational capacity is evidenced by an intense and continuous congress activity. SISC, this year, will be celebrating its 29th National Congress in symbiosis with the Italian Neurological Association for Headache Research (ANIRCEF).

The lively cultural activities of the 11 Regional Sections reflects and reproduces SISC’s mission in ever new local realties.

The Interdisciplinary School of Advanced Education in Headache, after years of organising courses in a permanent location, has now embarked on a path of itinerant teaching, bringing the courses to areas with greater demand, disseminating in this way the necessary educational training.

The validity of the scientific products accrued by SISC took shape with the foundation and development of The Journal of Headache and Pain, a scientific journal that was created within SISC and has reached, in just 15 years, the summits of the international scientific journal industry. It has established itself as a product of fine national craftsmanship.

In this context, SISC has offered the scientific community the Italian Guidelines for Primary Headaches: 2012 revised version.

The Enrico Greppi Award, now in its 17th edition, is SISC’s most coveted international research award, which has been conferred to many outstanding scientists in the headache field. The award is dedicated to Professor Enrico Greppi, Medical Clinician of the University of Florence, who immediately after the war, introduced headaches as a research and teaching topic in the Italian academy.

SISC’s news bullettin, Giornale delle Cefalee, now in electronic format, has reached its 11th year, divulgates the activities of the Regional Sections and serves as a notice board.

Lastly, completeness is reached with the contiguity with the headache lay associations with which SISC organizes every year a popular event to raise social awareness about headache, the National Headache Day now in its 6th edition.

SISC’s mission is thus fully pursued and is now ready, thanks to the founders and all those who have led and supported SISC over the years, for new cultural synergies.

Paolo Martelletti
President, 2015-2016


Memorandum and Articles of Association

  • President
    Pierangelo Geppetti
    Department of Health Sciences, Section of Clinical Pharmacology and Oncology - Headache Center, Careggi University Hospital, University of Florence - Florence
    Phone: 055 275 8202
  • President-Elect
    Paolo Calabresi
    Direttore Istituto di Neurologia
    Fondazione Policlinico Gemelli IRCCS
  • Past-President
    Francesco Pierelli
    Faculty of Medicine 1, Sapienza University of Rome, Neurorehabilitation Operative Unit, Polo Pontino-I.C.O.T - Latina
  • Secretary
    Gianluca Coppola
    Ambulatorio Cefalee, I.C.O.T., Sapienza Università di Roma
    Facoltà di Farmacia e Medicina, Dipartimento di Scienze e Biotecnologie Medico Chirurgiche - Latina
  • Treasurer
    Franco Granella
    Neurologic Clinic, Department of Neuroscience
    University of Parma - Parma
  • Councillors
    Giorgio Dalla Volta
    U.O. di Neurologia, Istituto Clinico Città di Brescia
    Gruppo San Donato di Milano - Brescia
    Marina De Tommaso
    Neurofisiopatologia del Dolore - Dipartimento di Scienze Neurologiche e Psichiatriche - Azienda Ospedaliero-Universitaria Policlinico, Università degli Studi di Bari - Bari
    Edoardo Mampreso
    Ambulatorio Cefalee, S.C. Neurologia
    Ospedale di Piove di Sacco - Piove di Sacco
    Maria Pia Prudenzano
    Neurologic Clinic 1, University of Bari - Bari
    Vincenzo Raieli
    U.O. Neuropsichiatria Infantile, P.O. Di Gristina ARNAS Civico - Palermo
    Massimiliano Valeriani
    Neurology Division
    Bambino Gesù Pediatric Hospital - Rome
    Center for Sensory-Motor Interaction
    Aalborg University - Aalborg, Denmark
  • Honorary Presidents
    Marcello Fanciullacci, Vincenzo Guidetti, Giuseppe Nappi, Lorenzo Pinessi, Luigi Alberto Pini, Emilio Sternieri, Giorgio Zanchin
  • Arbitrators
    Eraldo Barcaro, Giovanni Basalisco, Terenzio Carboni, Carmine Piro, Rita Lucia Trinchi
  • Auditors
    Pier Antonio Battistella, Enrico Del Bene, Biagio Panascia

Interdisciplinary School of Advanced Education in Headache
Director: Paolo Calabresi

Federazione delle Società Medico-scientifiche Italiane
Rappresentative SISC: Marina de Tommaso

International Headache Society
Rappresentative SISC: Paola Sarchielli

European Headache Federation
Rappresentative SISC: Luigi Alberto Pini

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Contact us
SISC - Società Italiana per lo Studio delle Cefalee
Registro Persone Giuridiche - Prefettura di Firenze - n. 534/2011
  • Address:
    Sede Amministrativa:
    Casella Postale 17, Succursale 3
    06123 Perugia, Italy

    P.IVA 05057860487 C.F. 01529430488
  • Phone: 075 585 8181 (dal lunedì al giovedì: orario: 8:30 - 13:00)
  • Fax: 075 578 4229
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