Società Italiana per lo Studio delle Cefalee


Società Italiana per lo Studio delle Cefalee

Italian Foundation for the Study of Headache NPO

It is with great pleasure that we inform the Members of SISC that the project conceived, developed and voted by our Scientific Society has been completed.

In Rome on July 25, 2016, at 17:30, with the assistance of notary Adolfo de Rienzi, the Italian Foundation for the Study of Headache NPO was constituted. The Foundation now completes the company structure and represents an institutional platform of greater amplitude regarding the operational aspects that recognized associations, such as SISC, are allowed (legislation EFPIA).

The creation of the Foundation (FISC NPO) was completed by the SISC delegates, Francesco Pierelli, Luigi Alberto Pini and Paolo Martelletti, who elected in first instance the FISC institutional offices, respectively Director/Vice President, Director, Founding President. Augusto Michele Bruno di Belmonte, an expert in the nonprofit area, was elected for the role of General Secretary.

All this followed, but only chronologically, the cessation of the existing congressional collaboration between SISC and ANIRCEF regarding the biennium 2015-2016, prematurely ended by ANIRCEF delegates.

On May 23, 2016 we had received, from the President of ANIRCEF, an official communication on their will to discontinue this partnership which was meant as a prelude for merging the two associations.

It is our duty and obligation to provide our Members with accurate information, that we report that the unsuccessful merger was also a time of enlightenment, in fact in the face of SISC’s consistent and straightforwardness, ANIRCEF’s attitude wavered in time, until the final closure. Having expended enthusiasm, time and resources in this project, we are deeply disappointed with this unfortunate development. However, it is not our job to analysis this unexpected denial but simply to take note.

We remain, however, consistent with the commitment to carry out the objective of a single multidisciplinary national headache Society, which also represents internationally the voice of such an important scientific and health care community, a reference model throughout Europe.

Finally, based on the principle that a problem represents but an opportunity on the other side, we saw through the project to create the Foundation, as approved by the General Meeting held on October 30, 2015 in the Guglielmo Marconi Hall of the National Council of Research in Rome.

The activities of FISC will be symbiotic, of service and complementary to SISC, incorporating, moreover, the SISC Executive Committee in its entirety within its Scientific Committee.

Paolo Martelletti, Founding President
Francesco Pierelli, Director / Vice President
Luigi Alberto Pini, Director
Augusto Michele Bruno di Belmonte, General Secretary


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